The House Husband

The other night my husband and I had a serious discussion about him going back to work. To catch you all up to speed, I took the first 6 months of parental leave, and he is currently taking the second half of parental leave, which will finish at the end of the month.

In my opinion, you can look at your career using the following grid:

Career Chart




Pays Well


Sweet Spot! Might be worth the sacrifice, look at budget


If financially feasible, go for it! BAD BAD BAD!!!

I am extremely fortunate in that I have a wonderful job that I enjoy, and the pay is good. My husband on the other hand, has been finding himself in the bottom right hand corner. So when I was pregnant and we talked about potentially splitting up the parental leave (from personal experience I see that the vast majority of mothers take the entire year while fathers take very little to no parental leave) I made a deal that he would stick out his job until it was his turn to be off with the baby, then he would use those 6 months to seek out a new career. In fact, I believe I bought him a new vehicle as part of this deal (rolls eyes). Of course now his time is almost up with not much headway so we juggled the idea of him just staying off longer.


  • he can bring the baby to visit me at work
  • he can do more chores/cleaning while I work so there is less housework for me to do when I get home or on days off (hmmmm.. we will have to work on this one)
  • do not have to pay for daycare (this would eat up roughly half his income if he went back to his job)


  • less $$$
  • potential resentment? I know sometimes I get really frustrated when I have a weekend off and I spend most of it doing chores/errands, it can also be frustrating when I get home from work and have the baby from the moment I walk in the door until I put her down to bed then pass out from exhaustion, only to do it all again the next morning

We may have to set some ground rules if this is going to become the new way of life……

During the first 6 months JB was extremely “needy” (as most newborns are), and so much of my time was spent feeding her, snuggling her, etc. and I did not get as much done around the house as I would have liked. Looking at her now, she will sit on the floor and play with her toys while I vacuum around her, or she will sit and “help” me fold laundry, so it is much easier to be productive. I am hoping that as she starts to gain more independence, and is ok playing with some toys while having mommy/daddy in close proximity, more can get done around the house. We shall see how this goes!

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