Cricut Obsession

And in true workin’ mom fashion, I am only just now getting to my first official blog post. While I was off on maternity leave, I bought a used Cricut machine + some cartridges and scrapbooking material and started becoming “crafty”. In the spring of 2016 I purchased my absolute dream home, which has everything I have always wanted in a home, including my own “office” (read: extra bedroom I transformed into Diana’s space). My husband declared our large 2-car garage as his shop, so it only seemed fair to have a space to call my own. Unfortunately, I became pregnant just weeks after we acquired our house, and was so sick throughout the entire pregnancy it was hard to enjoy and customize the house. We have done many renovations since Jilly was born, since I have been feeling infinitely better and had a lot more free time 🙂

I have used my cricut to make custom shirts, vinyl labels, scrapbook lettering and images, and paper signs and I sort of became obsessed. With an online black Friday sale, I upgraded my Cricut to one that is 5 models newer so now I am having even more fun. It is nice because I have been attending tons of baby showers lately and customized onesies are fun to make!! They also seem like a more personal gift and can deliver a good bang for your buck (see future blog posts on my thriftiness). Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I see other moms posting their “pinterest-perfect” lives on Facebook, and guilty that I do not chronicle Jilly’s life as well, I have very few newborn pictures of her (was too concerned about her surviving), and I have yet to get any professional photos of her done (I really don’t think I ever will), I have not started planning her 1st birthday but I can guarantee it won’t have a cute theme with matching decorations/balloons/paper plates/professionally done cake, and I have not chronicled her life as some people have. Her baby book is really nowhere near up to date and I have yet to start her scrapbook, and I feel guilty every morning when I leave for work. But when I come home and announce “mommy’s home!” and see that bit toothless grin and hear her babble in excitement, my heart melts and I know I am doing the best I can, and hopefully she will one day look up to me, seeing that I managed a career and a family, with neither of them taking a backseat to the other.

Well this post went off on a tangent.. maybe I will post about my crafting on another blog some day.. when I finally get around to it!!

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